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Streamer Weekend

Discussion in '7 Days To Die' started by Stinefelt, Nov 16, 2018.

  1. Stinefelt

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    Aug 18, 2016
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    Hey Survivors,
    We are proud to announce that the ‘Alpha 17 Streamer Weekend’ is finally here. We have partnered with over 100 streamers from 27 countries.

    Many will be streaming all weekend some starting tonight and giving away Free Keys. Check their channels for their upcoming weekend schedules. These are being broadcast in many languages so scroll down to find yours.

    You can also read the release notes early here: Alpha 17 Official Release Notes

    America (USA)

    Anthony_B1 USA West, English
    AznElite123 USA, English
    Bacon Creepy USA, English
    Banlish USA, English
    Blitzfire911 USA, English
    Capp00 USA Central, English
    Casketman20 USA Central, English
    Cbthagreat USA East, English
    Chiefy USA West, English
    Cuda87 USA, English
    dasMEHDI USA East, English
    DeamonMachine USA, English
    Descender USA, English
    DianddraD USA East, English
    Dragoness_ USA Central, English
    Galucia081 USA, English
    Game Society USA, English
    Glock9 USA, English
    Grand Spartan USA, English
    GunninGamerz USA, English
    Headwound USA West, English
    iJevin USA, English
    iluvatar_402 USA Central, English
    JadedzUzi USA Central, English
    Jermanfu USA East, English
    Justin Dion USA, English
    Kage848 USA, English
    kic Gaming USA West, English
    Kismet USA EAST, English
    LMG USA, English
    Loafy Molasses USA, English
    Midnight Designer USA East, English
    Mistermoose USA Central, English
    MistrFister USA, English
    Mountain Man USA West, English
    MSgt Porkins USA, English
    MyUsualMe USA East, English
    Neebs Gaming USA, English
    Orangesherbet USA West, English
    PapaNox USA East, English
    PartiallyRoyal USA, English
    PokketNinja USA Central, English
    Red Spec Gaming USA East, English
    ShadowFox USA, English
    Starsnipe USA Central, English
    TexCubSF USA West, English
    TomGirlGamer USA, English
    uss_sully USA, English
    VegetarianZombie USA East, English


    AzzaFortysix Australia, English


    Danu Thuata Austria, German


    Lhynns Gaming Belgium, French


    2HandGaming Bosnia, English


    O Abel Joga Brazil, Portuguese


    Brae Lynnx Canada, English
    GameEdged Canada, English
    Skippy0330 Canada, English
    Team Ryan Canada, English
    xSgtPepperx Canada, English


    J.C.’s Channel Chile, English


    El Gui Gui France, French
    Staf_52 France, French


    Coyaletsplay Germany, German
    Gerrit Germany, German
    Mr Helm Germany, German
    RoLaBeKa Germany, German
    Strong Company Germany, German
    Valcry Germany, German
    Zombyra Germany, German


    Games4kickz Ireland, English


    Gameplay Channel Italy, Italian


    iihito jyanai Japan, Japanese
    Isoroku Japan, Japanese
    Matthew Japan, Japanese
    Merci Games Japan, Japanese
    Rabi William Japan, Japanese
    Rokugen san Japan, Japanese
    ryo1 game Japan, Japanese
    Sesika Japan, Japanese
    Yukkuri com san Japan, Japanese


    Squal Kasakhstan, Russian


    Kornelius Briedis Latvia, English


    Shinydo Moldova, Russian

    New Zealand

    Vechs New Zealand, English


    Lokbatch Norway, English
    SparkleGG Norway, English


    Kagaminium Poland, Polish
    MarekMoowi Poland, Polish
    Rizzer Poland, Polish
    Stalker Poland, Polish


    Cisternocefal Russia, Russian
    FoxMurderPlay Russia, Russian
    Kaktyc Russia, Russian
    Knock-Knock Russia, Russian
    Krabo Land Games Russia, Russian
    Ray Anor Russia, Russian

    South Africa

    Zaffa Geek South Africa, English


    Buck Ferndandez Spain, Spanish
    Krino Games Spain, Spanish
    Menos Trece Spain, Spanish
    Psiko 9000 Spain, Spanish
    R4pela Games Spain, Spanish


    Jonah Birch Sweden, English


    2G Review Thailand, Thai


    BoredGamer UK, English
    DatFailGamur UK, English
    DreadHeadEd UK, English
    FuzzyFreaks UK, English
    Grumbul UK, English
    H3dsh0t UK, English
    HixxyDubz UK, English
    Matrixis UK, English
    Reninsane UK, English
    Max Fox UK, English
    W92Baj UK, English


    Alex_D20 Ukraine, Ukrainian
    Fresh Games Ukraine, Russian
    Germanarih Games Ukraine, Russian
    Slavik Odessit Ukraine, Russian
    Survager Ukraine, Russian
    Teror2 Ukraine, Russian

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