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VIP Hello World, Stinefelt!

Discussion in 'Hi my name is..' started by Stinefelt, Jun 4, 2018.

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    Stinefelt EAG
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    Aug 18, 2016
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    Greetings Everyone,

    I wanted to take a moment to really say a proper welcome from Stinefelt, and to say Hello from the rock that I have been under. Most of the folks in the community have seen the name but no known the person or understood the person. So now what you have is me out from that rock and no longer going to be sitting thinking or wonder if this or that. I have decided to be the best me that I can while I still can. I have much to give while I can and want to inspire other to give much while they can.

    I have had many head trama accident in life and it has caused me brain damage that will get bad over time. I have ringing in both ears that is louder then tea kettles that blar on a hot stove. Each day that I get is like a new day where the day before is nothing to me and my notes are my memory. Times yes I want to honestly kill myself because I feel like that person who is a burden on others but I can not do that I still have to give. I make EAG I run EAG and I have Friends Here at EAG to help me RUN it. I now found Twitch and enjoy that to meet people and make them laugh and to help the community grow even more with wonderful people. Yes Magenta usually fixes my post or will do post for me but this one post friends is from me so I can say you know ME from my introduction and will know me from my introduction.

    So what I want to say is meet me the real Stinefelt the owner of EAG and let us together game, have fun, make notepad memories, and enjoy the moments we can together while we can. I am not asking for nothing more then everyone that comes here to have a good time and fun! So lets get that kicked off right now with EAG 2.0 as I put the STINEFFECT into the open.

    Here is to the future, and a warm welcome.

    Thank You,

    Stinefelt, aka 'Jack/Stine/Jake'
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