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Feedback - Vehicle System

Discussion in 'Infestation The NewZ' started by Hitliz, Nov 20, 2018.

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    Aug 19, 2016
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    Dear community,

    As most of you might know, there has been an increase in car issues and crashes caused by them. We have been investigating and some crashes that do not directly involve the vehicles (as in you are not using a car) are being caused by their PRESENCE.

    Now, the issue is that we will have to review/rewrite most or all of the code related to it and therefore it will take a lot of time, that could be spent in other things within the game, like Competitive Mode.

    Since vehicles are mostly helpful rather than necessary (I mean, life IS easier with them, but you can and have lived without them), we thought it would be a good idea to disable cars everywhere to avoid these issues.

    Though this might be annoying especially for those PvE players, this will greatly reduce the frustration of dying while looting and losing so many items, in a game where looting is essential regardless of the game mode.

    Our idea right now is to disable them (WITH THIS YOUR VEHICLES WON'T GET WIPED, THEY WILL JUST BE INVISIBLE FOR NOW) but we do not feel comfortable making such a huge decision without hearing you guys out. Please vote on the Poll and you can comment your point of view and give us your feedback.

    To give you guys an idea on the issues, I'll leave some threads made by players.

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