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Feedback - Battle Royale

Discussion in 'Infestation The NewZ' started by Hitliz, Dec 10, 2018.

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    Aug 19, 2016
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    Hello community,

    Recently we had a weekend event on Battle Royale which was a huge success and brought a lot of people back to it. We know that, in the same week, we removed the Solo-Only servers which also helped, but the impact it had was great.

    For those who don't know, the event was a "Super Battle Royale", where the loot was stronger than usual with top-tier weapons, armor, meds, etc...

    After that, we decided to try and make the regular loot a bit stronger, however that was met with some resistance from the old-school BR players.

    Now, my question is what to do with the loot... We have pretty much set it back to what it used to be (not the same items, but lower tier items in general) due to feedback BUT we have also seen a decrease in players in that game mode.

    In light of making that more interesting, we'd like to know what you guys think we should do with the loot. I've set up a poll with some suggestions. Any additional suggestion can be made by replying to this thread as well.

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