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Empyrion Newb Questions

Discussion in 'So my general...' started by Brandon Chee, Oct 25, 2018.

  1. Brandon Chee

    Brandon Chee New Member

    Oct 24, 2018
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    I'm sorry for the newb questions in advance and I do appreciate all the admins for their help and support so far in the empyrion server. I just wanted to be clear on a few things:

    I'm currently on the starter planet Arkansas, in a faction with 2 other friends. I see that it's clearly a pve zone, and according to the sector map, Arkansas's orbit is also a pve zone. Would it be possible to punch through the atmosphere and build a small base in the orbit, or even between the planet & the moon and still have it to be a pve zone? After doing so, would it be possible to return to the small base that my faction created back at home on the Arkansas planet? As in, will all the things that my faction has created will still be there? The rest of my faction is working on catching up to my level and we still have some materials to gather, so they'll still be on the Arkansas planet. I am no solo pvper, I'm rather more of a support player. I'm the guy who builds and creates things if needed only if it'll benefit the rest of the team. Having that said, I'd rather not potentially leave the rest of my faction behind at home on Arkansas with no way to get back to them.

    I also tend to be very conserving, I'm not the kind of person who's going to exhaust every deposit and I wouldn't even want to deplete a single deposit. There are 100 slots in the server, I'm not going to be "that guy" who ruins it for everyone, most say that I am a team player. The reason why I'm asking these questions is because, I'm feeling hesitant to go and use up promethium - when building a small base in space/orbit, you can point the solar panels directly at the sun and they'll always recharge your batteries. However on a planet, the planet rotates, there is weather, rain etc., blocking a lot of light for the solar panels. I find it more effective to just use solar energy than using extra promethium if possible.

  2. Locutus918

    Locutus918 EAG Developer
    Staff Member Moderator EAG Developer Member

    Jan 31, 2018
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    These are all good questions for a player starting. As long as the playfield shows PVE on the map I believe default is the M key then it is pve there are some portals that once you go through you cant return they have signs above or beside them make sure you check for these as long as you don't use the one way portals you can go anywhere you want and then return to where you are we have the one way so players cant return to starter once they leave.

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