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Special EAG VIP Membership Run Down \ Rules

Discussion in 'Empyrion Server Information' started by Stinefelt, Oct 25, 2017.

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  1. Stinefelt

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    Aug 18, 2016
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    What is the EAG VIP Membership?
    • The EAG VIP Membership is designed so that we can continue to support game servers for the community. Your contribution helps us to do just that!
    • You receive a shimmering VIP Badge to showcase your support for the EAG Community.
    • You can claim a free faction planet on the EAG Empyrion Server.
    • You can get a Faction Channel on EAG Discord for Faction members only.
    How do I sign up for the EAG VIP Membership?
    • You will want to navigate here, and select a Membership Plan that works for you. Once completed please reference the bottom of this thread.
    What are these Faction Planets?
    • Faction planets are just like the Starter Planets, Snow, Desert, Temperate, and Alien. You still have to search out your on Z & E!
    • The Faction Planet is a safe haven planet, where we only wipe these planets when suggest by Elion to perform a server wipe.
    • You are also showcasing your support for the EAG Community in game with your faction planet.
    What the EAG VIP Membership is Not:
    • It's not a method for pay to win, as we want you to venture outside of your faction planets.
    • It's not a ban protection, if you break the rules you will be banned like anyone else.
    Do you offer refunds?
    • With the VIP Membership we do not offer any refunds!
    • It's your responsibility to manage your PayPal subscription or contact Stinefelt here for help.
    How do I get help to stop my membership?
    • You can PM Stinefelt on the site here with your request, and it will be stopped for you.
    Now that I am a VIP Member, how do I request my free Faction Planet?
    • In the Empyrion Server Support, you create a new thread with the following!
    • You can view the the templates for the faction planets HERE to get an idea of what you would like. (Updating)
    • Copy and paste the below and add your selections!
    • Your thread topic should be: Request Faction Planet [Your Faction Initials]
      Special Faction Planet Template:
      1. Your In-Game Name: Stinefelt
      2. Your Faction Initials: SMI
      3. Would you like a lot of drones that never stop or drones that eventually stop coming? (1-4, Infinite 5-7) (1-4 is the limited waves that will be sent 2 or 3 times then completely stop. 5-7 will constantly send drone waves unless the drone base is conquered. The frequency is roughly twice during one game day. No drone waves are sent when you are offline.)
      4. What type of planet would you like (Temperate, Desert, Spiral or Silicate) : Silicate
        • You can view the the templates for the faction planets HERE to get an idea of what you would like. (Updating)
      5. You understand that we try to get your faction planet online in 24 hours, and that we cycle the creation of your faction planet with the servers 6 hr restart yes/no: Yes
      6. You understand that we will remove your VIP Benefits if your VIP Membership is not active or current. yes/no: Yes
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