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Special EAG Empyrion Server (Veni Planet Wipe)

Discussion in 'EAG Announcements' started by Stinefelt, Jun 17, 2018.

  1. Stinefelt

    Stinefelt EAG
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    Aug 18, 2016
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    *** Citizen Alert - Planet Wipe ***

    All Citizen's of Veni you are being warned of impeding doom. Scientist have located a very world shattering meteorite headed directly for our beloved Veni, the place we all call home. We are preparing escape pods for our citizens, please use these to escape to the orbit where you will find safety on 6-19-2018 around 12 pm EST when Scientist have predicted the arrival of the devastation. Should you not leave, you will be lost with all that was once Veni.

    *** Citizen Alert - Planet Wipe ***

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