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Special EAG Empyrion Galactic Server [Player Core Rules]

Discussion in 'Empyrion Server Information' started by Stinefelt, Oct 30, 2017.

By Stinefelt on Oct 30, 2017 at 3:05 PM
  1. Stinefelt

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    Aug 18, 2016
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    All PVE/PVP Playfields: (Per Each Player / Per Faction) (Excludes Faction Planets)
    • Player Core Limits ( Faction & Faction Less )
      • 1 Base Per Planet
      • 1 CV, 1 SV, 1 HV, 1 Additional Vehicle
      • 5 Core Limit
    • Base Restrictions for Players and Factions (Excludes Faction Planets)
      • Unrestricted on PVP Planets.
      • Any base that hinders the operation of a POI or ORE deposit will be moved or destroyed.
    • Playfields are considered a Planet, Orbit, or Moon. So you could have up to 15 cores placed in 1 sector, by placing them 5 on planet, 5 in orbit, and 5 on a moon.
    The above limits are exempted on Faction Planets, these are offered to players who have a faction and who don't. If you want a planet to build endless on within game limits you can get a faction planet to help support server costs.

    The above limits are effective as of 10/30/2017!
    Updated 11-28-17 to reflect the definition of Playfield.
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Discussion in 'Empyrion Server Information' started by Stinefelt, Oct 30, 2017.

    1. Anonymous
      I have been with EAG from the start. I chose Anonymous as my handle because I have friends in the community on both sides and I talk with them daily. This is not my only account but this is my opinion. This rule is crap. It goes against why we formed and supported this community.

      I have listened to the arguments and I understand the reasons and I have heard the counter arguments from the players.

      The problem
      We can not have players claiming PVE land for the sake of Claiming area.

      I dont think anyone disagrees with that.

      As a result of this
      All this does is encourage single player while restricting faction growth. A single player can have 4 cores in each play field. With a moon that means that is 12 cores without leaving a system. A faction can have 30. Any faction greater than two is taking a lose to game play. They are not organizing and they are less likely to obtain a faction planet of their own. Also a faction with 10 max sized BAs can take up most of the map regardless.

      I have owned a faction planet as well as donated directly to EAG, but I did not do this to have an advantage over other players. I did it to have space and to build away from the crowd with my friends, not as a solo player. That should be the only incentive for a faction planet. Not a pay to win (endlessly grinding personal POIs or even the ability to establish a faction large enough to overpower PVP encounters.)


      This community is changing from what we started from. Guru would argue these servers cost money to maintain, and pushing players to support the community is necessary but I have done the numbers and I know what we have made in the past. We profited from the community over the cost of the server. There have been low points especially after updates, but that is to be expected. We are moving away from enjoyable game play to profits and overhead which is not right. This server has and will again be profitable. That is all that matters. We should not be forcing players to contribute by restricting their game play.

      I dont want to play on a server where non-contributing players are only entertainment value for donors. Where profit is put before enjoyment of game play. And saying they can build in PVP space is crap. No small faction can maintain a defense even with offline protection. You end up with attack forces recording the location and waiting for one or two players to log on to attack in force. It does not take me 5 minutes to core a space station or destroy their off line protection units, and I seen players camp planet bases, leaving the victims the only option of not playing.


      I have listened to several players commit about this, most hate it, three stood out with what I considered common sense.

      Guy 1) A class size 10 restriction on bases is ridiculous. I have simple platforms that exceed class 10, and that is not counting all the stuff needed to be a useful base. Triangle counts apply to BAs far more than HV, SV, or even CVs. Additionally it does not prevent players from expanding to max size with single blocks and turrets taking up space they are not utilizing.

      In space it should not matter as this only effects the players if they are within render distance, and I have not hit the wall of the play field yet. A rule that BA Stations can not be within 5000m of each other or a planet would solve the BA size restrictions up to 50. Additionally the restriction only applies to BAs which means you could have 10 Class Size 50 CVs parked next to 10 more from another faction and have the same problem.

      Gal 2) She builds stuff to show them off and she can not do that from a faction planet. I have to admit that I leave survive constructors and O2 generators on PVE worlds. I use to leave a 1 core platform near water. These are only a way-station should I need O2 or fuel, and to check out what others have built. I dont know if you looked but Some player is building a really cool snake temple on Hypnos. I have never seen anything like it and it is giving me new ideas on how to build. If they built this on a faction planet I would have never seen it. I dont know what the solution is for this perhaps a PVE planet restricted to awesome builders or perhaps a Faction planet open to the public with a few players aloud build on it. Creative displays only add content to our server and should be encouraged not prohibited.

      Guy 3) This guy talked numbers and pointed out that there is no difference between Small alliances and large factions on PVE worlds. He made a lot of sense. Regardless of how Players are organized into groups on a play field you still have that many players on the play field. This does not change the needs of each player. Each Player generally need a group base which tend to get crowded after 5 players, a horse (aka SV), a tool or 2 (HV minor & Combat HV), and a truck to transport them all (the CV). That is per player and although you can share things like BAs and CVs it really ties a groups hands to respond to PVP when they have share. Currently a single player does not have to share cores. They get 4, 8 if you count space, and 12 if you count a moon. That being said the number of players on the PVE worlds does not change, regardless of how many are in your faction. Personally I find PVE worlds too crowded for my taste which is why I dont care to build more than a survival constructor and O2 generators on them. But in order for a group to organize and establish a strong enough bond to invest in a faction planet they have to be aloud to develop. That means both time and numbers. I did not decided to get and share a faction planet with my friends just because. I got to know them first. Several other players did not fit and it takes time to find the players that fit. I feel several of us have forgotten that aspect of game play. So; whether they are 4 players or 40 on a PVE planet they are still just players. If the goal is to prevent faction dominance on a PVE world then restrict space not players. Say no faction can control more than 20% of the map. That is 3 to 4 max size bases in a strait line. They will crowd themselves out and expand. As far as cores go these players are players discouraging factions does not promote renting faction planets.

      As to the PVE world

      There should always be enough to support the non-contributing population (and I mean population). I believe the concept that their is no incentive to establish a faction planet is an assumption. No one wants to live in a crowded play field with minimal growth potential. When a PVE play field reaches 90% of max of say a full week, than start spawning POI hostile CVs in the play field. (Not the indestructible ones) It should be a nuance not an overwhelming burden, and it would give a reason to have turrets on a PVE world. Also if this is done it should be RNG spawn. Profiling the largest faction does not resolve the issue it only aggravates it.

    2. Oskiwee
      Not sure if it is right place for this but can I get a chat room in discord for POR? just change INF to por thank you.
    3. Stinefelt
      consider it done.
    4. claytonldc
      The core count for factions is a per planet basis or total? If you have 5 on a planet can you have a space base in orbit also how many can you have in space per sector?
    5. Stinefelt
      Per planet basis, so orbit, moons, and planet. Space Sector is considered an orbit.
    6. SGTSylver
      I am very confused about the rules above. I don't understand if the limitation is per playfield or planet only. Additionally, I don't understand the last conditions if they override the previous condition and that pvp playfields can have unlimited cores by a faction or player. Can someone please elaborate with more clarity on these rules. Thank you.
    7. Stinefelt
      It's per planet, per orbit, per moon, so you can place the max core limit in each area allowing you to have multiple locations.

      Faction planets are unlimited, and PVP areas are unlimited because of the nature of PVP.

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