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DevBlog - Optimizations of all Official OW Maps

Discussion in 'Infestation The NewZ' started by Hitliz, Sep 25, 2018.

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    Aug 19, 2016
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    Hey everyone,

    Right now I am focusing on optimizing all the official maps in the game. This includes: Colorado V2, Caliwood and Colorado V1. (Oregon already has these optimizations.) The main reason is because after releasing the Oregon BETA I realized that the loading time and FPS / performance was better on the map than that is on current Colorado V2 for example. This is very interesting because Oregon is 4 times the size of Colorado and should have longer loading times and "less" FPS / performance than Colorado. This made me wonder; "What is going on here?".

    Oregon is a map created from scratch, where Colorado V2 for example isn't.

    What will players gain from these optimizations?

    Better FPS, better performance, more stable performance and faster loading times in the maps being optimized.

    What changes are going to happen?

    - Navigation Mesh: Navigation mesh is simply a generated area that indicates where zombies can walk / not walk etc. (simple explanation) Navigation mesh is very intensive mainly on the server's CPU so; the better the nav mesh is, the better this is for the CPU of the server.

    - Loot: Here lies the main "issue". Players get affected by this a lot. Basically in Open World there is too much loot. The funny part is that almost 50% of the loot spawns are always empty. This means that if a certain area has 20 loot spawns, 10 of them will always be empty anyways. Multiply this example everywhere and you pretty much have thousands of loot spawns where thousands are empty.
    Why is there empty spawn chances to begin with? - For us, to control the loot better.
    Is it needed? - Not really. We can change this as long as it's done properly.
    In the end we don't need so many loot spawns. It's better for the client and the server to have less loot spawns and less empty spawn chances. The funny part here is that if done correctly, players won't notice anything of this change.

    The plan now is to remove ALL the empty spawn chances aka the 50% empty rate, while at the same time also remove 50% of the spawn points. This literally won't change anything for the player other than that he will have better FPS / performance and the server will have WAY less to handle resulting in less crashes / better performance as well.

    Just to make it super clear to everyone that these optimizations will not change anything else than better performance for players we have 2 more examples:


    Example #1:


    Before the changes: The Helicopter in Boulder right now has 80 loot spawns where 50% of them are always empty.
    = 40 items spawning (averagely)

    After the changes: The Helicopter in Boulder will have 40 loot spawns where 0% of them will be empty.
    = 40 items spawning (averagely)

    Summarized up: Nothing will change other than better performance for the servers and client, less crashes etc.


    Example #2:

    This is just an example of how it will look (for the server) after the changes. You might be thinking; "Oh no, they are nerfing the loot like crazy" but that's not true as you have read in the examples and explanations above.


    Right now I started with Colorado (V2) and that is already around 40% done where only big cities such as Boulder / Campos are still missing. The plan is to finish this as soon as possible for the Open World maps.

    Here's a list that indicates what is already done and what not:
    Red means, not done and green is done. When it's like half then its half done.

    Colorado V1

    • Navmesh
    • Zombies
    • Loot

    Colorado V2

    • Navmesh
    • Zombies
    • Loot


    • Navmesh
    • Zombies
    • Loot

    I think that a lot of players are going to like these optimizations as it will overall bring better stability to our servers and better performance while playing.

    These optimizations will be patched in very soon. The loot might not be 100% the same as it was, where we aim to make it even better, while at the same time implement these optimizations. Your feedback here is important so make sure to let us know if you experience anything related to this!

    Let me know in the comments what you are think about this and if you have any suggestions or ideas!



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