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DevBlog - Missions & Contracts

Discussion in 'Infestation The NewZ' started by Hitliz, Sep 25, 2018.

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    Aug 19, 2016
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    Dear Community,

    It's been a while again since you all last heared from me / us. We've been at Gamescom last week and had a very productive week both for the company and New Z. Hope to be able to share further results with you all related to this soon. For now, let's jump into a brand new developer blog where we will be talking about missions & contracts.

    The missions and contracts system has been (beta) released in patch 2.21 pretty much for us to test and finalize. Towards patch 2.22 we will fully release these new systems. To avoid confusion and to gather some further ideas and feedback from the community I am writing this developer blog. We will be talking about how the missions and contracts will work and what we hope to achieve with this new feature.

    For those who missed the patch notes of patch 2.21 where we (beta) released the missions and contracts system:

    Missions & Contracts:

    A new feature / system! Missions & contracts are achievement based objectives for players to do in certain maps. Players can receive rewards for doing a mission or contract. We will explain further how everything works but before that we'd like to get back to why we have decided to add missions and contracts.

    With the aim to make the game more beginner-friendly, while at the same time aim to give already playing players more things to do we have finished the first (beta) version of the missions and contracts system. Towards beginners we think that by giving them missions to do in a map they will be more forced to understand certain parts of the game better while completing a mission while also at the same time have something new to do. For older players we have added the contract system. Allow us to explain everything:


    To understand how contracts work we first have to explain how missions work. Missions are map-based objectives for players to complete. By completing a mission players can receive X rewards. Missions are (usually) a one-time objective and are different and separated in each map and game-mode. This means once you finish a mission it will be considered as "finished" and not be able to be completed again. Missions are completely character based and can be started and progressed on individual characters. Please note you will only be able to have 3 missions "running" per character, per map. Progress of a mission saves so if you log out and back in you will be able to continue where you were. Since missions are character based and can be started and finished on each character individually, rewards will be given to the character you finish a mission with. This is how it looks when activating a mission:


    Now, let's talk about the contracts. Contracts work exactly the same way as missions except for the fact that contracts are usually repeatable. Why? Because contracts are an actual item that you have to "sign" to start. Basically you can take a contract into any server, sign it, and the same "process" as a mission starts. Another difference is that contracts can be done in any map (unless disabled) and the actual contract item disappears when signing. This makes contracts valuable. Summed up it pretty much comes down to this: there is missions but they can be started in two different ways: some missions show in the missions tab in a map, are only do-able once or some missions can only be started by signing a contract while these are usually repeatable. Note that with contracts, when signing the item disappears so that means that if you then decline that mission that you started with the contract, you will not get the contract item back.


    Just to make things extra clear we have an example here of how players can use contracts: Let's say you as a player have the "Kill Zombies Contract" 10 times in your inventory in a server. You can right-click, sign, the contract and the actual contract disappears so you have 9 of those contracts left in your inventory but you have started / signed one of them. You go ahead and finish the mission, it completes and you get your reward. Now, you can sign another of you 9-left-contracts. You start the same thing again, now have 8 contracts left and you can finish the mission again and get a reward again. Note that these contracts will be valuable and actual physical items that players will be able to trade or drop when die-ing with them in a server.

    • Missions / contracts are disabled in warm-up and PVP servers.





    Since this system is still in beta mode we will not release any contracts for this patch yet but the whole system is in place. We will be testing with players to completely water-proof the system before fully releasing it. For now players have some very simple missions to do, just in Colorado V2 Open World and next upcoming patch we will aim to fully release the system. This means:

    • Release of contracts. They will probably be find-able in-game and buy-able in the in-game marketplace. We might do like a "beginner starters contracts pack" or add them in daily rewards. We'll see!
    • Release of more missions on all game-modes and maps. We aim to make amazing, interesting, funny and super hard missions and contracts.

    For now you'll have to stick to the "beta" but we are super excited to fully release the system (after good testing) for upcoming next patch.

    Towards Patch 2.22 (Full Release):

    For those who are already familiar with this new feature we have a few more finalization's to address. As I already explained is that we will release the new system fully for patch 2.22. This means contracts, and missions will be available in almost all maps and game-modes.

    Based on the beta we've done after patch 2.21 we are now proceeding to release the system fully. We have done some more overall tweaks though:

    • Reworked all old mission icons. Now, all icons are in the "New Z" style. Also plan on adding additional icons for particular missions in future.


    Summed up:

    We would like to remind you all that missions are map / game-mode based. Each map in each game-mode has it's own unique missions. Contracts however are (still game-mode based) but can be signed and started in any map, and finished in any map. For example, if you start a contract in Open World: Colorado V2 you will be able to switch to Oregon and continue the progress of that contract and finish it in the other map.

    Based on this we would like to let you know that contracts are unique for Open World and Survival. This means different contracts for both of these game-modes. Contracts are non-shareable between these game-modes so completely separated.


    • Map based: each mission is unique per map. Every map has it's own missions, in all game-modes, all maps. (some maps might not have missions yet)
    • Missions are not an item. Each account has them available.
    • Missions are not repeatable. This means that once completed, you can not do that same mission, on that same character, in that map, again.
    • Missions don't dissapear unless completed.
    • Aimed towards beginning players.


    • Game-mode based: this means that contracts can be done anywhere, at any time, in each game-mode separate. So Survival has different contracts than Open World. (Basically just like any other in your global inventory.)
    • A contract is an item so it can be dropped / traded.
    • Contracts are repeatable. As long as you have them, you can do them as many times as you want. For example: "Contract X: kill 20 zombies" - let's say you have 3 of these contracts on your character, you sign one, 1 of the contracts disappears and the contract starts, you kill 20 zombies and get rewarded. In the end you have 2 of these contracts left and you can sign 1 again, and so on.
    • Contracts disappear when signed.
    • Aimed towards veteran players.

    Keep in mind, for both, all progress saves. You can pause, quit the game and continue completing a mission right where you left it.


    Our aim:

    With the missions and contracts we aim to benefit our entire player base. For beginning players, we have missions. For veteran players we have contracts. We are aware of the fact that the rewards don't necessarily fit the current "player demands" yet but rather than giving rewards such as 1 million XP (which will break the game / currency / XP value even more / faster) we rather stick with more "lower" rewards as we would then aim to give XP for example more use. (for example: now that we have missions, players will get even more XP, it's even more logic for us to upgrade the skill tree some day so that players can spend this XP. (same goes for GD etc.))

    We expect contracts to get a trading value as they are individual items. We are not sure yet if contracts will be find-able, or buy-able etc. So please share your opinion here as well! Don't worry, we don't aim to make any kind of contracts for GC or anything. We also want to focus here on each type of player; PVE, PVP, everyone should benefit from this.

    Our request:

    Now, we ask you for ideas! Do you have any ideas for missions, or contracts, for example: "Kill 100 players with this weapon AS this character", or "go here, go here, drop this there, then kill this guy here, then do this and GET this" etc. etc. LET US KNOW!

    We are open for all your ideas so let us know in the comments what you think!

    See you guys in the next dev blog and at patch 2.22!

    Best regards,

    // Sven

    // The New Z - Staff Team

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