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DevBlog - Competitive Alpha

Discussion in 'Infestation The NewZ' started by Hitliz, Dec 1, 2018.

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    Aug 19, 2016
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    Dear Community,

    Here we are.. A developer blog about the new Competitive gamemode but this time with an actual game-play video and screenshots to show you. A lot has happened and for now all we want to reach with this developer blog is to show you guys what the development of the gamemode has been up to. Please keep in mind this does NOT mean that this is the only thing we have been working on. Please understand this.

    Now, as you might have read in the previous patch notes (patch 2.26) is that the Competitive gamemode is finally getting shape. I would say at this point that we are very far towards a point where we want to start sharing it with players. A mistake we have made in the past with features and gamemodes is a too early release so we definitely do not want to make the same mistake with Competitive. I am not going in details regarding the process I think an explanation is in place but not on this thread. (for now)

    Yesterday we have actually live streamed gameplay of Competitive gamemode for the second time. Fred has done a short stream earlier but that was on a different map. In this live stream we have gathered 10 people in total from the chat and from our staff team, and played some Competitive games. You can watch parts of that back here:

    You can get a good feeling of how the gamemode is going to be by watching the video that I made. Now, for those wondering I'd like to give a short explanation of how the gamemode is planned to be for now:

    The gameplay of the Competitive gamemode will be relatively easy. The point is to win the round. The team that wins a certain amount of rounds, wins the game. It has not been decided yet how many rounds there will be, it has also not yet decided yet how big both of the teams will be but in our testing we are following 5 versus 5 players. There is a currency. There will be starting cash, and for winning / losing a round teams players in the teams will receive money. You will also receive money upon killing an enemy player. To win a round a team has to: either kill the entire enemy team OR take over the objective in the middle of the map. (usually)

    Besides being a very fun and unique experience the whole point of this gamemode is to offer New Z gameplay in a competitive scene. We will use the already made ranking system. Players will have a skill level and a rank, and by winning matches get higher and higher in ranking. In the end we might make it season based, but the whole point will be to reach the highest rank possible!

    Everything below is what we will follow but not nothing is 100% decided and confirmed yet.

    • Competitive will most likely be first person only.
    • There is an in-game store where you can buy weapons & items for cash you gain during rounds. (Items in this store and prices are totally not final so don't get confused by the video)
    • It will most likely be 2 teams of 5 players.
    • There will most likely not be an inventory. Items will not drop and you won't be able to drop items for your friend or drop items upon death.
    • You will be able to spectate team members once you die. You will not be able to control the camera. We are considering making it so you spectate them in first person. You can only do this if you die during a round.
    • There won't be any zombies or vehicles.
    • You will be able to join back when you crash from a game. We haven't decided any timers here so for now you'll be able to join back any time. The game will continue playing without you if you crash, and when joined back, you will play again in the first upcoming round.
    • There will be a ranking / matchmaking system. You will be able to queue up alone, or with friends and it will match you against players of the same skill level.
    • There is a warm-up. Right now we are using the Battle Royale items but we will make separate load-outs for Competitive.

    Note that I might have forgotten to write some points here. Expect this thread to be edited / updated if needed.

    There is a lot of polishing left to do. A lot of smaller things such as crashes, performance, little gameplay tweaks, the in-game store and some final decisions still have to be made but overall the Competitive gamemode is getting there. We aim to have something ready (hopefully) before Christmas but we do not want to make any promises at this point as we made this mistake in the past. Besides that we do not want to stress out development of the gamemode as new things might suddenly jump in. We want to make sure everything is polished and in a state that we as developers are happy with.

    Stay tuned for further updates!

    Oh, and here is some early screenshots of the map we've been working on:




    Let us know all your feedback and ideas in the comments on this developer blog. And of course if you have any questions feel free to ask them, we will try to answer all of you as best as we can!

    Best Regards,

    // Sven

    // The New Z - Development Team

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