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Discussion in 'EAG Announcements' started by Hitliz, Sep 11, 2018.

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  1. Hitliz

    Hitliz Executive Member
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    Aug 19, 2016
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    Attention all Players,

    Due to recent circumstances, I feel the need to address several issues.

    First, the issue of buried turrets. It has been an established PvP rule on our server that you may not bury turrets, and you may not enclose them in such a way that they are invulnerable. Also, if turret barrels pass into terrain and/or blocks and fire through them, that is an exploit and creates an unfair advantage over other players, keeping them from making a reasonable defense behind terrain. It also eliminates a possible approach to try and take out defense structures. Not a safe approach, but just possible. We have addressed this many times in the past, which was the basis for us making the rule. As it continues to be an issue, we are reminding players of the rule and to please make sure turrets are not buried and that the barrels do not pass into the either the terrain or through structure blocks. If we come across structures that violate this rule we will remove them.

    Which brings me to my next point; the rules. EAG game servers are available to all players free of charge. We greatly appreciate donations, but do not require them to play on our servers. The only thing we do require is that players respect and follow our various game server rules, and our community rules. Playing on our game servers obligates you to read and know our rules. Ignorance of the rules will not be accepted as a reason for breaking them. We remind you often in the game chat to go and read them on our forum. If you have not yet read the rules, you will find them on our forum at: http://community.eag.space/threads/empyrion-sever-rules.1908/ for the general Empyrion Rules, and: http://community.eag.space/threads/empyrion-faction-worlds.2026/ for Faction world information.

    My final point has to do with an ongoing situation with a player, showing great disrespect for the administrative team. Our administrators, Moderators and Developers, all serve on a voluntary basis and are in fact players themselves. They do not receive compensation, and take time out of their own gaming to be available for players and server issues alike, to keep your gaming experience as fun and problem free as possible. They also attempt to settle disputes between players and factions and intervene when it comes to our attention that rules have been broken. Admin and Mod activity on the server will always be in accordance with what issues are being reported, or in response to unusual server behavior. The reasons for what they are doing will not always be apparent. They operate under the authority of Stinefelt the server owner, and myself. If you ever have questions as to what we are doing on a server, or about a Mod or Admin’s actions, please ask us. We are not unapproachable, and we are always willing to speak to players.

    Unfortunately, a particular player has on several occasions, accused us of abuse and cheating without ever approaching or speaking to us on the matter before making the accusations. This person has spoken badly of Administrators and has had the attitude that certain of our rules are petty and shouldn’t be bothered with when violated. He recently intervened in a situation which we were addressing quite calmly and without incident, and came into our discord chat and ultimately made a vile remark about one of our Admins, and this Admins’ mother. This is totally unacceptable and it was completely uncalled for. The admin was being calm and respectful and trying to explain what we were doing and reasons for doing it. The player had no intention of having a reasonable, civil conversation, but rather continued with his attempts to be superior, contrary and implacable and then forced the Admins hand to remove him from the room. Due to his comments, and his past disruptive and disrespectful behavior, he was permanently banned from our game server, our discord and our forums. Still this affronted Admin was willing to allow him to apologize and consider lifting the ban. He refused and so he is permanently banned.

    Those of you who know me, know I always do my best to treat each person with kindness and respect. I will have a civil discord with anyone who asks me. What I WILL NOT DO, is allow myself or my administrative team to be disrespected and falsely accused of abuse, cheating or wrong doing. If someone accuses us of such, I am ALWAYS willing to speak with the person, and reason together with them. If they are not interested in speaking to me, I see them as simply an agitator who only wants to sow negativity and toxicity within the server and our community. I will not allow such exchanges.

    I have been warned that this player and his faction mate will “spread the word” negatively about our server and our admins. It is only what I would expect from such persons, and will not worry about such gossip.

    I have kept the player’s name confidential, I am not looking for retribution or retaliation against anyone. I simply wanted to address the situation and make the community aware of it, and express my feelings on the situation and EAG’s position.

    Thank you for gaming with EAG.
  2. Stinefelt

    Stinefelt EAG
    Staff Member Community Owner Donator Member

    Aug 18, 2016
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    Stated very well as I have always respected your decisions and choices when it comes to the administrators and developers of this community. Your candor towards the players is what makes EAG wonderful, and an amazing place to enjoy the games we host. This is what folks overlook in communities that exist in today's online world. Being here isn't just about jumping on a server and playing a game, it really is about gaming with us! When you have a voice, where your voice is heard, and your though is an idea, and that idea is taken into consideration! That is magical nothing else can come close, and this is where you truly excel! So I thank you for your time, your help, and your service to this community.

    As to any player that feels the need to toss toxic words to ANYONE in this community, you will not be welcome here. Life is to short so spending time on elements where it is not needed is just more time we can spend it on each other having enjoyment. Look not everyday is a peach, but if you view that terrible storm as a storm of your favorite candies falling from the sky, how bad would it really be?

    So to the folks of this community whom know and have stood along side I need not ask you at all, and to the folks whom are new to this community I need not as you at all. But to Liz aka Magenta, the only thing you need to hear is ( Thank You ).


  3. M 1 N 1 T

    M 1 N 1 T EAG Moderator
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    Jun 20, 2018
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    Thank You for everything that You do! :D
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