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Due to recent circumstances we feel the need to clarify the starter systems.

The starter system of planets, their orbits and moons is for new players only. We have several reasons for this, but the most important is that in times past we have had a problem with established players returning to the starter worlds and mining out the resources and raiding all the POI’S. With better weapons, higher levels of health and XP, it made it impossible for the new low level players to compete for the needed resources and loot.

Within the starter system, a beginning player may travel between the starter planets by way of the Starter Outpost portals, or if they build a CV with a warp drive, they can then warp between the starter worlds.

Once a player warps away from the starter system, they are not permitted to return, and will find no warp path back.

If an established player does a fresh start, No longer will they be returned to the starter system but will be relocated to their faction planet if they belong to one, or to Akua or Omicron.

If you have any questions regarding this issue, please feel free to contact me by direct message either here on the forums, or in discord.

The Empyrion Server has been updated to the latest version. Thank you for playing EAG and get your game on!


Greetings Community,

Many old member know that I like to give a post to thank everyone for their donations, and support to the community with a VIP membership. It's because of you that we have the ability to keep the servers online. So with that I just want to give thanks to each of you whom help to keep the community online. It wouldn't be possible without you all!

I do also take notice when I don't see some of you online and I just want to say in general that I hope life is treating everyone well in these trying times. Take time to spend with your family, friends, and loved ones. Just remember in the back of your mind, that we are here and consider ourselves as your online family. While you might be in a different game, just drop us a note to say hi. We care about you also, and as you all know at the end of the day we value our members.

With that, go get your game on!

- Stine
This was posted yesterday on Eleon's forum. This is currently in experimental and should be out for public soon, but apparently you can use it now if you choose to:

we just released a hotfix on the Experimental branch that potentially fixes the severe FPS drops that you sometimes experienced during battles.

It is a Client side only update which means you can update and connect to any server running the current public version (Build 1180).

Changelog: Alpha 6.5.3 (Build 1184)

- Potential fix for severe FPS drops during battles.
Per situations we have encountered of late, we are reminding players that when you leave your ships parked on PvE worlds, you still need to make sure your gun turrets are turned on and armed with ammunition. Roving drones and patrol vessels stalk the planets, and will fire upon any vessel or structure with an active core. It may be tempting to turn your vessel or bases completely off while you are logged off in order to save fuel but there are ways to save fuel while leaving power on, and subsequently your defenses active. Please talk to other players or the admins about some of the ways you can save fuel if you need advice.
Even though you are not on a PvP world, you can have no assurance that another player will not take advantage of your absence if your ships or bases are attacked and cored by npc's. Chivalry is apparently dead, so make sure your defenses against npc attacks are always active and armed.