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I had been asked several times if we could provide faction chat channels in Discord. I did post in the faction news thread a week ago that we are now providing chat channels for your factions. I will remind you if you want to take advantage of having a chat channel for your faction...reply to that post in faction news...and give me your faction initials and will make the room for you asap. Voice chat is so much easier than text chat, especially while pvp'ing...and with that empyrion textbox...it's even more so. lol
Thanks guys,

We have noticed an issue with our faction based program, and we are working on fixing it up. If you don't see your faction planet don't panic we are getting it back online for you.


~ Stine
Empyrion 6.3 Update,

We have the server updated, clean, and ready for you. Thank you for your patience during the update. Any questions please post in the support section of the site.
As almost all of you are aware we have been experiencing an insane amount of bugs and glitches throughout the 6.0 version of Empyrion. We have been working closely with Eleon (the game creators) to help resolve these issues. After many back-n-forth conversations with their development team and sending them files and logs they have determined that many of the fixes we need are already in place due to 6.1 - 6.3 patches, but that they will not take effect until the playfields are completely wiped.
As most of you know, Starter Planets wipe on the 1st and 15th of each month, and all other square planets wipe every Thursday. The problem is that the Faction Planets and the 10 round planets in our system never wipe unless the entire server wipes. What this means is that without wiping the entire server the bugs and issues will not be fixed.
The Executive Team here at EAG discussed this issue at length and have decided that the best route for our players is to go forward with wiping the server. This is unfortunate and, we know, very annoying, but it will make for a much better experience going forward. To break it down for easy understanding, most questions will be answered below. If you have any other questions please reply to this post. Please understand that this is not due to EAG server issues, but that the wipe is to implement the fixes that Eleon released for their own game. We want EAG to be the best server out there, and having it run smoothly with less issues is part of that promise to our players.

When will the wipe occur?: We will initiate a full server wipe when 6.3 patch is released out of experimental. This could be anytime in the next few days.

What will wipe?: EVERYTHING will be wiped for everyone. All players will be starting over just as with any full wipe on any server.

What about my Faction Planet?: All Faction Planets will be in their same locations, but fully reset just as when...
That's right, EAG Server events are about to start up again! Now that most of our players have had time enough to get settled in the fun is about to TRULY begin. To kick off our events we will be hosting the SV Dogfight on July 8th at 9:00pm EST. Below is all the information for the event so that you can be ready. We hope to see all of you there for the fun! To insure that everyone can safely attend this event without risk, all PvP attacking on the server will be suspended for the duration of the event.

Event: EAG SV Dogfight

When: July 8th at 9:00pm EST (please be online and ready 30 min. ahead!). Anyone not ready 5 min. prior to the posted time will not be allowed to attend.

What will you need?: NOTHING! The SV's will be provided to each player for this event. Even you brand new players can attend and compete!

How does the event work?: We will bring everyone to the location of the event 5 minutes prior the the start of the event. All players will enter their provided SV that will be in orbit around a barren moon. When the event starts, ALL players will descend to the moon at the same time. Once you arrive at the moon, it will be a massive dogfight against EVERYONE at the same time. If your SV hits the ground and is immobile for 10 seconds your are out of the competition. No repairs are allowed. The last ship flying will win the event!

What is the prize for winning?: The winner of this event will be able to choose any current SV blueprint from the Steam Workshop that will be spawned in as their prize AND an epic weapon of their choice. The winner will also receive a special tag on our forum so that everyone will know they were the winner of this event!

If you have any further questions or comments, please reply below and we will answer.