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Hello EAG friends! I'm only about 50% towards having this complete, but a lot has been accomplished recently so I figured I would post a few pics to tease you all. They aren't completed and it's what's INSIDE that counts the most, but hey... pics are nice in any case. I may post more in the near future as things progress. All of these are much larger than they appear in the pics because I had to fly WAY up to get them in the pictures.

Space Station POI (yes, that is a class 4 CV in the second picture to compare size against)


PART of the Jumping Puzzle style POI
Ground Base POI that you start on


The EAG 7D2D Server has been updated to a16, and with this comes a clean slate. Yes the server was wiped clean as normal with a major game update. A few things that will be worked on through the week is some scripts that need to be updated, and the game interface.

If there is something you would like to see for stack sizes please let me know, right now we have everything set to default for testing, and as they release additional patches it's easier for us to update without having to re-add multiple modifications.

Now go get your game on, and kill some zombies!


~ Stine

The server is updated to 6.4, however be aware we have to update all of the planet templates to add elements that currently will effect Meteorites. This was planned to occur this evening as 6.4 just hit experimental yesterday, however they pushed this update out in record time and hopeful not minimal testing.

All updates that we need to complete will happen this evening, so if you are out and about and experiencing issues with Meteorites we are already working on it.


~ EAG Executive Team
Greetings Community,

Currently looking into the Empyrion Server to detect what is causing the disconnecting issue. Will provide an update here once I have narrowed down the issue.

** Update **

Server is back online, and I will be monitoring it from the server side.


~ Stine
Congratulations to @DaNksta for winning the July SV Dogfight server event. It started out with players dropping like flies, but near the end it was a long, hard battle to the finish.
He won any SV that is currently in the Workshop that he wants, an epic weapon of his choice, and a shiny new tag here on the forum.