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Greetings Community,

You're EAG Administrative team held a meeting tonight around some of the suggestions reported. Here are a few of the bullet points that we covered, and some of the expected outcomes.

  • CB:Survival command, we are currently looking into this as a viable option for players that experience a total loss. We don't have a definitive answer currently on this point, it's being communicated.
  • Core Limits: This is remained and unchanged as the system works well for individuals and faction growth.
  • CB:Commands in general, some of you were use to the getshipdown, and shiptome however they were disabled because they were being abused and not utilized for the intended purpose. This we were talking about to help reduce the massive needs for admins, however we would have to implement some stringent rules around it's usage.
  • Meteorites, these are a big royal pain. As a team we talked about the amount you get, the de-spawn times, and how to keep them so you get a good mix. This is being re-worked for the Starter Planets, and our goal is to have some methods tested out and a resolution announced on 11-19-27.
  • CV's on planets! We went over this to cover some of the upcoming content, and the current poll results. Though nothing final, we are going to be opening up some additional areas where CV's will be very important.
  • Community Events, these will be returning as we continue to get things stabilized out with the current system.
  • Offline Protection, we as a team were not able to see a real benefit to this yet. As a team we will not be activating offline protection! This is mostly due to current rendering issues with the game that are still being addressed, unlimited ammo...
Greetings EAG Players,

We are recruiting for GM's (game masters) who want to help the server by helping other players in need. Especially new players in the starting zones. We all know what it's like to be the noob, but when you're the noob with game issues, it's twice as bad. So besides answer general game play questions…and reference to the PDA is always a good idea, lol, you will solve whatever game glitch problems that may arise. Obviously not all problems get solved, but that's just the nature of early access gaming.

Our ultimate goal, is to have a GM on each starter planet available to help 24/7. Before you run screaming into the universe…

What we would like is to have the GM's spend 4+ hour shifts on one of the starter planets, ready to help out the new players when the need arises. Covering the starter planets 24/7 is as I said, the ultimate goal, however, we don't expect to fill that quota immediately. We are looking for players from all time zones who can start to fill in the time gaps when I and the current GM's are not on.

If you are interested in serving as one of our GM's, please head over to HERE, and follow the application instructions.


- Stine

Please take a moment to review the following Suggestion located here and then cast your vote. This thread is closed, all feedback should be directed to the suggestion post that is linked above.

We will be reviewing the poll after 7 days as a team, to see what course of action should be taken.


- Stine
About VIP Membership?

Faction planet owners, it's now time to choose your new home! Below you will find pictures and a brief description for each planet, as well as for the orbit and the moon. ALL choices have the same resources, POI's, temperature ranges and all are breathable. So you are choosing purely based on the looks that you prefer. Simple, huh?
The Orbit and Moon is the same for all choices, so you just need to choose between Temperate, Desert, Silicate, or Spiral. Here are your pictures and descriptions:

Temperate: This is a primordial planet in the early stages of life. Due to it's recent past of volcanic activity (evidenced by still active steam vents) plant life is plentiful and beautiful.


Spiral: Due to strange gravitation and tidal forces this planet formed uniquely. The land mass is a solid strip of land spiraling front the North to South poles. It's waters look like oceans but are actually pretty shallow. The skies are quite beautiful to watch as they change throughout the day/night.


Desert: This desert world has been slowly cooling over eons causing an almost constant light mist along the ground. Plant life has started returning but is still minimal. Vast hills and mountains greet you here.


Silicate: This planet may LOOK like a snow world, but it is actually temperate! The white comes from an extremely white silicate material similar to sand. Plant life has evolved to remain almost completely in the water here leaving the landscape unbroken and pristine.

It took a bit longer than expected, but we finally have the new map up and going. I'm not sure if it will be exactly 8:00am EST as we previously said, but it will be earlier today.

Important Map Notes & Features:

  • Five starters, but one of them (Saswara) is ONLY for factions to pick up members. This planet is empty and players starting here have much less in their starting kit.
  • Balanced resources and a better way for meteorites to fall to insure we have a good mix of resources even if they are fully mined out.
  • Love PvE and hate PvP? Well, you will be happy. All resources BUT Zascosium, Erestrum, and Gold can now be mined without ever entering a single PvP area. Even if you DO need to go to PvP, you never have to risk your CV because ALL PvP planets are set for SV warp access.
  • Initially there are four new factions planets to choose from. ALL of them are temperate and breathable, so you are choosing based on looks alone. If there is a demand for it we may include additional planets that have no oxygen or tougher settings. All of these faction planets are custom and will be seen nowhere else in the system. And you have a special moon that isn't grey. How do you like those apples, huh?!!
  • Starting Kits are extremely generous and I think you all we be happy about those
  • Within the next two weeks, there will be two new multi-planet systems added to the map. These will include the end-game high level areas that are intended for groups or factions and another new area designed for PvP that includes space battle areas and even arenas!
I hope you all enjoy the content because we have worked hard to bring it to you. As always, comments and suggestions should be posted below.

Thank you,
Your idiotic Dev Team