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It's with great pleasure that I get to make an announcement around the starter planets. @TheGuru has been working hard to find methods to increase the deposit sizes, and he has finally struck gold.

Fine I'll cut to the chase, due to his determination all of the starter planets after the next wipe will receive a massive increase in the amount of ore available. With that more then enough to share! As with all the fantastic updates, thank you @TheGuru for your dedication and devotion to the team.


~ Stine
We would all like to wish you a happy birthday, and we hope it was a good one!

As we continue to build up an Administrative team for the community, here is a quick update around what you can expect as a player on the EAG Gaming Community Servers.

On 7/22/2017 a schedule will be posted for the Administrative members on the EAG Gaming Community, this will help you to know who is on duty, and who will be helping you with support issues.

If you are online and no Admin is scheduled, you are to post here in the support sector so that an Admin can assist you once they see your request. The support sector request will usually be handled within 24 hours. You do not need to be online for most request, and if you are needed an Admin will respond with that request.

Our goal over the next few days is to refine / reshape how we currently handle support issues for the game, and to provide the best methods possible for you the players.


~ Stine
Greetings Pilots,


The EAG Development team is looking to resolve;

#2 on the issue list, and the expected resolution is for 7/20/2017.


A few things that will be looked at today and corrected.

  1. Ore Deposits near POI(s) and Player Base(s) are not able to be drilled out, and this has to do with the Anti Grief Distances. The plan here for our Development Team is to either find a number that works, or we remove the Anti Grief Distances, and place some additional rules for the server.
  2. The Vanishing Meteorite; The development team is going to work on increasing the time before they de-spawn. Keep in mind that we can't stop them from vanishing once they reach their expired time. So this won't fix the magical aspect of the vanish. It will only allow you more time to find them and get them, before the magical poof.
Hello everyone! I've been working on a side project that would expand our current choices for our VIP members. The idea is to offer you much more customization for your ENTIRE faction system (planet, moon, and even the orbit) so that you can truly make it your own place different from everyone else.

To see what you all think I'm creating this poll so please vote below!

What types of choices? Well, here are some that I almost have ready

-On top of the 4 we offer now, there would be an additional 6 planets, each with their own music, biomes, etc. Some of these have large islands in a huge ocean, some are alien and mysterious, some are tropical with great views and plant life, while others defy a single definition.

-Gone will be the days of a boring grey moon landscape. With this update we would be introducing new, exciting variations including: sandy, mountainous moons, alien moons that are eerie and spooky, Hellish moons, flat barren moons, frozen/icy moons and more!

-With this option, you would finally be able to choose from the asteroid ring around your planet, a clustered asteroid field, very dispersed asteroids all over or even NO asteroids. On top of this, you would be able to customize the nebula itself! Choose from blue, green, blue/green, pink, red, etc

All of these choices would be pictures that you can choose from to "build" your own system the way you would like.

How would you get one?
If we do this, we would be introducing a new Premium VIP Membership option. The standard VIP membership would be the same price as always and include our current options. This new Premium option would only cost $5 more per month