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This was posted yesterday on Eleon's forum. This is currently in experimental and should be out for public soon, but apparently you can use it now if you choose to:

we just released a hotfix on the Experimental branch that potentially fixes the severe FPS drops that you sometimes experienced during battles.

It is a Client side only update which means you can update and connect to any server running the current public version (Build 1180).

Changelog: Alpha 6.5.3 (Build 1184)

- Potential fix for severe FPS drops during battles.
Per situations we have encountered of late, we are reminding players that when you leave your ships parked on PvE worlds, you still need to make sure your gun turrets are turned on and armed with ammunition. Roving drones and patrol vessels stalk the planets, and will fire upon any vessel or structure with an active core. It may be tempting to turn your vessel or bases completely off while you are logged off in order to save fuel but there are ways to save fuel while leaving power on, and subsequently your defenses active. Please talk to other players or the admins about some of the ways you can save fuel if you need advice.
Even though you are not on a PvP world, you can have no assurance that another player will not take advantage of your absence if your ships or bases are attacked and cored by npc's. Chivalry is apparently dead, so make sure your defenses against npc attacks are always active and armed.

We have completed the patches and validations needed to help restore connectivity to players with the EAC Issue.

Greetings All,

We are currently performing some work on the EAG Empyrion Server, and thank you for your understanding. After noticing multiple EAC issues, we are doing some cleaning and validations to make sure that players can connect. Thank you for your understanding, and once completed you will be updated here.



We have installed the new modifications and make sure you do a new /sethome so you have your home location. Reference below for the new commands.

The new commands that you will be able to use;
  • /sethome (Set's your home location!)
  • /home ( Has a 1 min cooldown, and will return you to your home.)
  • /return ( If you are out somewhere, and you do /home, you can do /return to return to the location you were at.)
  • /gimme (Get a random item every 15 min's in game.)
  • /reward (Vote for the EAG server, and claim a random reward of higher value, this can be done daily.)
  • /killme (If you need to kill yourself.)
  • /kickme (If you want to kick yourself.)
  • @admins your message (Will alert all admins online!)
  • /hordeme (Will give you a massive amount of zombies to slay.)
  • /kit (Will give you a starter pack!)

Greetings Community,

After the Executive Team meeting last night we realized that some changes are needed. With this in in how we support you as a community member and player on one of our servers. We are not re-writing the book here, only opening it back up and blowing the dust off the pages. Now we set our navigational sights around things that made us solid. So effective as of today we are placing back into effect the reason the support sector exists and how you should use it.

How to get help?

  • You will want to visit the Support Sector and create a new thread. The subject should have your in-game player name, and a quick summary of what is wrong. EX: Stinefelt, my ship is vanished.
  • You will want to provide screenshots where possible for any lost items and or ships in question.
  • Understand that the Support Sector is not a tool for normal game play issues, or standard game play questions. We have general areas on the site that you can ask those types of questions.
  • Share with your friends in game that might not be registered on the site, and thank you for helping us to spread the fire of how to get help.
But why now?
  • Some understand that we are a team of 4 Executive Members that help to navigate and direct the community. We have 2 Administrators that help in game at various times.
  • As a team we want to provide support in the best possible way that enables us like you to have some game time without being distracted.
  • In order for us as a team to work on different elements of the game and to bring you new events and content. We can't sit just monitoring a chat box in...