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Didn't know if everyone was aware, but Ark has evolved beyond Steam, and is fully released for PC and console. You can read about it here:

I feel compelled to clarify something that seems to be coming up a lot of late.

The EAG Empyrion server has a server wide (meaning, it affects all playfields, including factions) 14 day maintenance timer for all structures, both Bases and Ships. Any player generated Base or Ship that is not used or at least interacted with for more than 14 days, will be deleted by the server. This is to keep the playfields clear of abandoned bases and ships and reduce the amount of lag or possible glitches that can ensue should they go unchecked, increasing a playfield to it's maximum core limit.

It requires that a player makes contact and interacts with some function of each of their spawned structures...Bases and Ships. This can be as simple as opening the p menu, but it must be done on EACH individual structure. That means that engaging your Base or CV will only protect that Base or CV. Any SV's or HV's docked on a Base or CV will not be covered in that protection; this would include CV's parked on a Base. You must connect with EACH individual structure. Auto miners are exempt from this system.

Again...it must be the player who created the Ship or Base that must interact with it, to reset the 14 day timer. Even on faction planets, where the structures are set to faction. The faction members cannot do this for each other, they must individually interact with their own spawns.

If you are active and regularly using your Bases and Ships, then you should not have to worry about it. But if you anticipate having to be away for longer than 13 days, you should create a duplicate blueprint for all your structures, so you can re-spawn them on your return. One suggestion to avoid losing materials, have a friend or faction member you trust, who will be on consistently during your absence take possession of your mats in their own storage until your return.

With over 40 faction planets, the non-wiping pve and pvp worlds, we are looking at over 300 playfields. It is...
Due to recent circumstances we feel the need to clarify the starter systems.

The starter system of planets, their orbits and moons is for new players only. We have several reasons for this, but the most important is that in times past we have had a problem with established players returning to the starter worlds and mining out the resources and raiding all the POI’S. With better weapons, higher levels of health and XP, it made it impossible for the new low level players to compete for the needed resources and loot.

Within the starter system, a beginning player may travel between the starter planets by way of the Starter Outpost portals, or if they build a CV with a warp drive, they can then warp between the starter worlds.

Once a player warps away from the starter system, they are not permitted to return, and will find no warp path back.

If an established player does a fresh start, No longer will they be returned to the starter system but will be relocated to their faction planet if they belong to one, or to Akua or Omicron.

If you have any questions regarding this issue, please feel free to contact me by direct message either here on the forums, or in discord.

The Empyrion Server has been updated to the latest version. Thank you for playing EAG and get your game on!


Greetings Community,

Many old member know that I like to give a post to thank everyone for their donations, and support to the community with a VIP membership. It's because of you that we have the ability to keep the servers online. So with that I just want to give thanks to each of you whom help to keep the community online. It wouldn't be possible without you all!

I do also take notice when I don't see some of you online and I just want to say in general that I hope life is treating everyone well in these trying times. Take time to spend with your family, friends, and loved ones. Just remember in the back of your mind, that we are here and consider ourselves as your online family. While you might be in a different game, just drop us a note to say hi. We care about you also, and as you all know at the end of the day we value our members.

With that, go get your game on!

- Stine