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ATTENTION PLAYERS! There has been some confusion about the ammended wipe schedule, due to our forced wipe on Sunday. The following is the final information. The starter worlds will not wipe until the 1st, that's February 1st. TOMORROW'S REGULAR WIPE OF THE NON-STARTER PVE AND PVP WORLDS WILL TAKE PLACE AS USUAL AT 8AM EASTERN STANDARD TIME. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR FRIENDS AND FACTION MATES ARE AWARE AND MOVE ALL SHIPS AND PLAYERS TO THE NON-WIPING PVE WORLDS OR YOUR FACTION PLANETS IF YOU HAVE ONE.
Thank you for your kind attention.

Server is back online, and please make note that we will be skipping the starter planet wipe scheduled for the 15th. However the normal Thursday scheduled planets will be wiped.


Currently working on the server to clean things up so everyone can get back to doing what they love. Will update you here once completed, and it should take about 15-30 mins. During this time we are also performing some server maintenance so we can avoid any additional downtime later this week. Killing two birds with one stone.


Okay everyone, please read the following and TRY to be understanding of what the admin team is going through right now. Read it entirely as there are specific instructions below regarding the use of cb:survival after the wipe!
As many of you know, a server-side issue caused many, many problems earlier today. @Stinefelt , @Hitliz and even @alternate have been resolving dozens of issues throughout the day and night to try and help you all.
Once we took a deeper look at things we are faced with a dilemma. We can replace ships and items, we can correct faction issues as they come up, but we are also finding issues with POI's being in the wrong faction, POI's entirely missing, as well as other major issues such as missing resources in orbits and playfields. Fixing these problems are not possible without a wipe of those playfields which includes the faction planets, Enits, and Urug.

We have decided that the only definitive way to make sure all issues are corrected is to perform a full wipe. It is unfortunate, but many of the issues we are now finding will require this on individual playfields anyways so it makes sense to do them all at once. Faction planets will be wiped, but you will not have to re-request your planets as we will insure they remain after the wipe with the exact settings you requested for them.

WE WILL BE INITIATING A CB:SURVIVAL PACKAGE for our players that will be available for the next few days to help you all get started out again. Will this replace everything you collected over the last month or so? Of course not. Will it be enough to get you immediately off the starter and somewhere else? Sure, as long as you aren't expecting a massive battleship. Below you will find a list of the items you will receive with the package.

**NOTE** Empty your inventory before typing CB:SURVIVAL to insure you have proper...

While we are aware that the server had an issue where it rolled back quite a bit, and also created some issues for factions in general. We have however handled each issue with grace, and communication on discord.

We wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for creating support tickets to request lost items. To fix most of the faction issues, it's best to delete and create your faction again. Once you do that all of your items will work as normal.

Lastly, thank you all for your understanding and how well you handled the situation. We are very thankful for the calm approach by all and are very pleased to help you out in return.


EAG Gaming Community
To all of our players....As many of you know, we along with other Servers have experienced a exponentially growing issue with our play fields, due to a game side issue, which is already known to Eleon. They pushed out this update, along with a subsequent patch which has seriously impacted the servers. We have no way to fix this issue on our end, a fix must come from Eleon. We are very sorry, but we must close the server until Eleon releases a fix. We urge every one of you to post complaints on their forum, to pressure them to get this issue taken care of.
We apologize for this interruption of your game play on EAG, we hope it will be cleared up as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding and thank you all for being a part of EAG.