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Hello EAG members! We are happy to announce a new contest that I'm sure many of you would like to participate in and win the prizes. Why would you need these prizes? Well, because THIS prize will help you greatly when 8.0 goes live on our servers. The top two winners will receive FREE CV's immediately when 8.0 goes live, and the third place participant will immediately receive a nice warp-capable SV. These ships will come fully fueled, loaded with oxygen and even ammo included!

What is this contest and how do you participate?
We are wanting all participants to create new custom POI's that we may use in the upcoming 8.0 release. Any POI's used will be given credit to their creators. The rules for creating and entering your projects are given below, as well as the information for how they will be judged.

Requirements to follow while creating your project:
1. Class sizes should be be between 5 - 40. If you NEED something outside of this range and have a good reason to do so, please contact Guru with your reasons and a decision will be made.
2. We want POI's that are unique! If you need to, you can use something from the workshop, but it MUST be change by at least 50% from the original. If you use a workshop blueprint, you must disclose this information when you submit your entry. If you do not disclose and you are caught you will be disqualified.
3. Give your POI's defenses (turrets, traps, spawners, etc.) but don't try to make it impossible to complete. We hope to get submissions that are aimed at medium to advanced players. If you add turrets or whatever, try to protect them in a creative way! Too many POI's out there are easily taken out by an SV.
4. Be creative! Make use of decorations and textures to give your POI that finishing touch and give you an edge over other entries!
5. Submit your entry ON TIME. Late submissions will not be eligible to win a prize.
6. Entries can be submitted by a single...
Hot PVP Rules
Attention Players,

Based on our public meeting, your input there, the server operation, and in lieu of the pending release of 8.0, we have decided the following concerning PvP Playfields:

  • CV access restriction is lifted
  • Anti-grief for bases will remain off
  • Turrets may not be placed underground and must be 100% unobstructed when placed on bases or terrain. PLEASE NOTE: Drilling and Multi turrets are exempt from this rule, as they have no impact on combat.
  • When placing on CV's and HV's the turret must also be 100% unobstructed.
  • Resource anti-grief will remain at 10 meters.

We considered all the input, and tried to keep our decisions as fair as possible. With the imminent release of 8.0, we are implementing these preliminary rules for the PvP play-fields, and will continue developing a full set of rules for 8.0; revisiting our notes and your input. We will be monitoring the game-play in the mean time to observe how these preliminary rules work, and their application viability for the coming update.
Greetings Bytes,

As the President of the galactic world it's my pleasure to speak on a few points around the economy. My tour of the PVP planets was not without sacrifice of some special service members. Let's just take a moment to thank them for their dedication to the Galactic Service. They are currently in the Space Trauma Unit, and we are expecting a full recovery.

It brings me great pleasure to report that resource findings are in the positive. The PVP economy is doing well, the systems ( Masperon, Haflov, Eglora, Pronoe, Aitis, Zugron, Aestus, and Vuibos.) have outperformed our expectations. With that we are in works of a galactic expansion to create additional living spaces that will be permanent for the PVP sector. This has been passed over to the Galactic Congress for approval.

Lastly, thank you all for doing what you do each and everyday. It's my hopes that we can bring tensions down so that future tours are not as hostile.


We are about to fully wipe the Avorion server. We don't want to, but we found evidence of MANY players using an exploit that made the current game completely unfair. The exploit has been patched and can no longer be used. Those that were using it know who you are and should be ashamed. This is the only way that we can insure a PvP game is fair to everyone considering the rampant cheats.

We know this sucks as we are losing all our hard work and efforts as well, but there simply is no other way to balance things as they should be. We would just ban all the offenders, but unfortunately Avorion's logs aren't advanced enough yet to show the player names of the culprits. We can see how often it was used, just not the names of who did it.

With this wipe, we are slightly lowering the difficulty as well. Not a lot, I DID say slightly
Greetings Bytes,

We have taken feedback from today around the initial starting out on the server. While we want to maintain a high level of difficulty so you don't get board in a few days time. Some adjustments have been done to help ease the starting area. You should now have a lack of pirates when you first start, as you venture out towards the core you will then notice the pirates attacking you.

Lastly, we have also updated the servers description to reflect that it is a difficult server, and it's not for the faint of heart. The server's name has also been updated to reflect that the difficulty is high.


  • Remaining 450 distance away from the core will provide very minimal pirate activity, this is to give all a chance when starting out.
  • Modified Server Title, and Description.
  • Modified the Core area so there is no neutral areas, that is the bulk of where PVP is to be expected.